Ski Resort Aldrov

Giant Mountains

Vítkovice v Krkonoších, 512 38

Phone:+420 481 582 925
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Snow information

Telefon: +420 481 582 925, 481 582 730
Areá ukončil zimní provoz. Více o areálu na )
Weather and temperature:- - °C
Conditions: mimo provoz
Snow type and snow cover height:-
Resort operation:mimo provoz
Ski slopes:red, blue, red and black
The Aldrov Ski Resort is situated 733 metres above sea level. Skiers can enjoy 4 slopes - out of which 3 are located within the reach of the President Express cable railway and one is accessible from the Jizerka ski lift.

Downhill skiing: Because of artificial snow production, the premises offer excellent conditions even for advanced skiers during the entire winter season. Skiers can go skiing in the evening as well.

In Aldrov you can use a joint ski-pass - the Golden Pass - that connects 3 skiing resorts in the valley of Vítkovice (Aldrov, Vurmovka and Janova Hora) due to the joint electronic system. Hence, you can enjoy a cabin railway and 5 ski lifts, i.e. a total of 8 pistes are accessible by ski-bus.

Cross-country skiing: Regularly rolled cross-country trails and circles are near the downhill skiing premises. They are linked to, for example, the Krkonošská Magistrála (the arterial trail of the Krkonoše). Shorter and easier trails are situated just above the skiing premises in Aldrov; from there, you can continue to the north - to Rezek, Dvoračky and onto the Krkonoše ridges. More difficult terrain is offered along the ridge from Horní Mísečky to Přední Žalý.

Skiareál Aldrov, author: Archiv obce Vítkovice v Krkonoších

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Ski centres

Number of chair lifts / cable cars: 1/1
Four-seat cable car: 1

Skiareál Aldrov, author: Archiv obce Vítkovice v Krkonoších
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