Ski Resort Benecko

Giant Mountains

Benecko 190
Benecko, 512 37
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Snow information

Telefon: +420 481 582 606
Areál ukončil provoz. Děkujeme za Vaši návštěvu! Sledujte:
Weather and temperature:- - °C
Conditions: mimo provoz
Snow type and snow cover height:-
Resort operation:mimo provoz
Ski slopes:red, blue, red and black
Benecko is the highest elevated municipality in the western Krkonoše. It is situated at the southern slope of Žalý mountain. In good weather, its orientation to the southwest means abundant sunshine. The locality offers unforgettable views of the landscape, towards Mount Kotel and the Krkonoše ridges.

The ski resort in Benecko offers both slopes recommended for family skiing with children and terrains for extreme carving (the Liška piste). You can hire slalom rods if you plan to organise a race for your group.

*The premises comprise 12 ski lifts and a 4-seat chair-lift
*Night skiing
*Artificial snow
*Ideal terrains for children, skilled skiers and snowboarders are available

Cross/country skiing: racing trails and tourist trails connected to the main skiing trail of the Krkonoše.
Other facilities: Ski rental shop, ski schools, guarded car parks, refreshments and take-aways in the premises, and a wide offer of other amusement activities and services.

Ski areál Benecko, author: Beata Omrtová, Sitour

Snowboard track Snowtubing Ski school Parking Fast refreshments Artificial snow Technical maintenance of slope Night-time skiing Ski bus

Ski centres

Four-seat cable car: 1

Ski areál Benecko, author: Beata Omrtová, Sitour
Ski areál Benecko, author: Beata Omrtová, Sitour
Ski areál Benecko, author: Beata Omrtová, Sitour
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