Ski Resort Harrachov - Čertova Hora

Giant Mountains

Sportovní areál Harrachov, a. s.
Harrachov, 512 46

Phone:+420 481 529 353
+420 481 528 151
+420 481 529 611
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Snow information

Telefon: +420 481 529 353
Zimní provoz ukončen! Lanovky mimo provoz! Probíhá pravidelná údržba a příprava na letní sezónu. Letní provoz bude zahájen 29.4. 2016
Weather and temperature:- °C
Conditions: mimo provoz
Snow type and snow cover height:-from cm to cm
Resort operation:mimo provoz
Ski slopes:blue and red, black, red, blue
The modern ski resort is situated on the slopes of Mount Čertova Hora.

The Čertova Hora Resort comprises, besides the ski-jump area, a chair-lift and several pistes. Other lifts and pistes are at the northeast slope above Rýžoviště, where a new chair lift has been built. The milder northwestern side of the mountain offers standard cross-country skiing trails of top quality. The well-rolled skiing arterial trail around Harrachov, total length approximately 50 km, is extended every year. To the west from the glass factory, there is a shooting range and biathlon trails.

Cross-country skiing trails: There are a lot of trails near Harrachov, of which 2 x 7.5 km are racing trails and 27 km are tourist trails. They had been designed so that tourists may decide to turn back to Harrachov after each 5 km. The ski arterial trail offers more than 50 km of well-rolled and marked trails for cross-country skiers not only in the surroundings of Harrachov but there is access to the ridges of the Krkonoše as well.

Other services: Ski schools, rental shops, car parks, refreshments, restaurants, a cinema and a museum.

skiareál Harrachov, author: Archiv: Skiareál Harrachov

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Ski centres

Four-seat cable car: 2

skiareál Harrachov, author: Archiv: Skiareál Harrachov
Skiareál Harrachov, author: Archiv: Skiareál Harrachov
Skiareál Harachov, author: Archiv: Skiareál Harrachov
Skiareál Harrachov, author: Archiv: Skiareál Harrachov
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