Off-road schooter – Yellow Point

Giant Mountains

Svatopetrská 278
Špindlerův Mlýn, 543 51

GSM:+420 731 160 152
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You will take the aerial lift to Medvědín, taking with you all the necessary equipment. From there you can expect an thrilling downhill ride during which you can try riding along paved roads and forest roads back into the centre of Špindlerův Mlýn.

OFF-ROAD SCOOTERS FROM THE KOSTKA BRAND – The KOSTKA off-road schooter fits perfectly for forest paths but it’s also the perfect model of a downhill footbike. This sturdy vehicle is a no-fair weather buddy - it can face any conditions. That’s why this footbike can ride on snow as well. So if you enjoy adrenaline-filled activities, it's the right choice for you.

Price: 250 CZK, 2 haurs, scooter, helmet, instructions

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