Klíč Mountain

Lusatian Mountains

Svor, 471 51

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The distinctive, isolated conical mountain named Klíč - i.e. Key is situated in the Lužické Hory, near Nový Bor.

The rounded top of the hill named Klíč (i.e. Key) is considered an important locality from the point of view of geology and botany. The rock platform on the top offers unique panoramic views to the distant surroundings. To the southwest, there is an overhanging rock wall, by the end of winter decorated with icicles and ice cascades.

Access: from Svor (3.5 km), Nový Bor (5.5 km) or Kytlice (6 km).

Západ slunce z Klíče, author: Radek Kudláček
Západ slunce z Klíče, author: Radek Kudláček
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