Souš Dam

Jizera Mountains

Desná, 468 61

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The Souš reservoir was built on the Česná Desná during the 1912-15 period; it flooded nearly 86 hectares.

The water reservoir on the Černá Desná River flooded the locality of a former village founded in 1755. After the catastrophe of the neighbouring dam, the one that burst open in 1916, the builders completely drained it and did not refill the water until all elements have been verified (1925 - 27). This is an embankment dam, the dyke is 364 m long and 21 m high. Until the sixties, the reservoir was used for recreation.

In 1974 the water treatment plant was built and now the reservoir is a drinking water resource for the region of Jablonec. Hence, swimming and fishing is forbidden and the surrounding area is strictly protected.

There road around the Souš dam was repaired; cars may use it to go via Smědava to Bílý Potok and Hejnice on the other side of the mountains, however, only during the summer season, May-October. In winter the road is closed.

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