Peklo Nature Monument

Mácha Region

Sosnová, 470 01

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The national nature monument comprises rock walls and the valley of the Robečský Potok, the 4 - kilometre long locality under the former mill in the village of Karba.

Area 59 hectares, elevation 247 – 303 metres above sea level. At the beginning of the 20th century, Count Vincenc Karel Kounic, the owner, ordered adjustments to the area surrounding the castle in Zahrádky, and the result was a romantic landscape locality that comprised the Peklo area as well. The Robečský Brook was made navigable along its whole length in the protected area, and boat trips were a popular leisure time activity of the noble family. During the Thirty Years War, the war between Prussia and Austria and during the Second World War the locality of Peklo was a shelter for local inhabitants and protected them from soldiers. In 1881, the planned railway posed a threat to the Peklo area. Thanks to pressure from the ethnographic society (Excursions-Club), the public and the owner of the land, Count Kinsky, the project was revised and in 1898 a viaduct over the valley of Karba was built. The railway was open on 29 December 1898. The railway bridge of steel with arches, 209 m long and 24 m high, was designed for protection as a technical monument.

At present, there is a 4 km long educational trail through the Peklo valley, designed only for walking tourists. Visitors may learn about the natural forces that had modelled the surrounding sandstone walls and the valley where presence of protected animal and vegetation species was recorded. The last stop along the trail is at Karba, a village at the southern end of the Robečský Brook. In the surroundings, you may come across the remnants of Frýdlant, a castle founded by the Ronovec family in the 13th century.

Because of the scenic locality, Harba has been a popular tourist destination since the beginning of the 19th century.

Another attraction is the cottages at Karba: some of them were attached to the sandstone rocks, some of them have partially grown into them, and some others used the rocks as cellars.

Přírodní památka Peklo, author: Ing. Lenka Pešková

Nature Reserve Specification: Natural Park

Přírodní památka Peklo, author: Ing. Lenka Pešková
Přírodní památka Peklo, author: Ing. Lenka Pešková
Přírodní památka Peklo, author: Ing. Lenka Pešková
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