Žandov swimming centre

Mácha Region

Žandov, 471 07

GSM:+420 734 202 464
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The swimming pool is situated in pleasant surroundings at the edge of the town.

This swimming centre is situated in pleasant natural settings at the edge of the town of Žandov. It features two pools: a 50 x 40 m swimming pool and a 40 x 15 m children's pool. The pools are surrounded by lawns and have concrete bottoms. The centre has changing rooms, showers, toilets, restaurant, cabins, a campsite and first aid station.

Size: 50 x 40 m and 40 x 15 m.

Location: approximately 1.5 km from the centre of Žandov, off the road connecting Žandov and Volfartice

Koupaliště Žandov, author: Sicco s.r.o.

Type of facility: Outdoor swimming-pool
Other facilities: Cabins, changing rooms, Showers, WC, Refreshments

Koupaliště Žandov, author: Sicco s.r.o.
Koupaliště Žandov - mapka areálu, author: Sicco s.r.o.
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